Jun 30, 2014

Dyckia hebdingii, some of its real looks.

Dyckia hebdingii

Dyckia hebdingii golden glow form.
Have you ever heard of it?

..and this one here?
Dyckias have more to show us than what we were told they have.


Jun 29, 2014

Dyckia argentea is not a valid name

Dyckia argentea was describes as being a Mexican plant.
It is obvious it is not. Argentea is found in Minas Gerais.
This is the closest to Dyckia argentaea one can get.

 ...and guess what?
Seeds from this very same plant is now available under request.

All comes from a seed...


Jun 25, 2014

Dyckia Bleeding Heart

 Dyckia Bleeding Heart

Dyckia Bleeding Heart is a small hybrid that derives from  a plant found in
 wilderness close to Campo Alegre in Santa Catarina.


Jun 21, 2014

Dyckia delicata-delicata

Two regional Dyckia delicata varieties got together to make this beauty.

Dyckia Dancing Dervishe

Dyckia pottiorum, some of its looks.

Pottiorum presents some notable variations, reds, green , yellow green, white, shinning white ...
This is an extremely rare and beautiful plant. Species and a novelty.
 None has bloomed under cultivation yet but we shall see it the following spring. here we can notice clear flower stalks are emerging.

Leaves are very thick and hard.
My left hand fingers to compare sizes here down.


Jun 19, 2014

A deep dark beauty. Also a Brittle Star legacy.

This is the darkest hybrid Dyckia I know up to now.
It derives from Brittle Star.

A gift from a friend way up int Texas.....
What about Dyckia Texas Midnight?

Dyckia Brittle Star by Bill Baker, the Hybrid Dyckias magician best and most known work of art

 Dyckia Brittle Star

All its self and not self pollinated seeds leads to beautiful plants.
Those we can say Baker´s legacy.

Jun 18, 2014

All the way from Japan. A gift! 私は非常に幸せで光栄です

This means happiness, friendship.
I am so happy.


Kutani porcelain is famous and desiredfor its grace and beauty.

Now in Brazil we are having the World Football Cup.
The Japanese people that came to watch the games are the most polite and educated ones.
They clean the stadium when the play is over. What a lesson!
A toast to Japan!
A toast to my friend in Japan: Matsuda.
Thank you!
I am so honored.


These drawings represent the Japanese crane, a symbol of good luck, peace and happiness.
It is a honor to have this.

Jun 13, 2014

Dyckia reitzii and its many many amy leaves


Dyckia reitzii rubra one from SC/RS border

One of the most spectacular Dyckias of all. 

A living ball.

 Self pollinated and true seeds are available under request at:



Jun 12, 2014

Dyckia Milky Way, today