Oct 31, 2011

Dyckia coximensis

Native to Mato Grosso do Sul and described by Pe .Raulino Reitz Dyckia coximensis is one of the least known Dyckias here in Brazil.

Pe. Raulino Reitz was the first and the only one to have found this baby in wilderness.
the plant was found by a road side close to Coxim  River.
Due to mining  this river has changed its course many times and the plant most probably no longer existis in nature.

Oct 30, 2011

Dyckia alba, a rarity from Rio Grande do Sul.

Dyckia alba
Native to Pedra do Segredo, Caçapava-RS

Its name comes from the whitish wool like panicule that appears on the floral stem.

Here you can see the flower stem emerging from the canopy.

Oct 29, 2011

Dyckia sp distachya affinis rubra

Dyckia distachya affinis rubra

Dyckia sp discoides... a Santa Catarina native beauty.

Dyckia discoides
It is under description and the plant here is improving..What a beauty!

Every detail here is a jaw dropper....
Adding to this all this plant loves some frost!

Dyckia hb Liz Taylor

Dyckia delicata rubra and Dyckia magnifica = Dyckia Liz Taylor
They were born (named, baptized) the day the actress died and they are beautiful and different right from the start.

Dyckia goehringii and dyckia beateae from Barra do Garças-MT

These two beauties married here in my garden....

We are about to harvest the seeds that may give rise to something quite special.

Dyckia magnifica.... a Santa Catarina species under description.

Dyckia magnifica

Oct 28, 2011

A new dazzling beautiful Southern Dyckia species

Flowers are tiny numerous and light yellow.
The plant is absolutely gorgeous....

The size of a soccer ball.
Poly leafed!
Stiff broad leaves.
Wax endumented with super tiny scales.
Maybe a close related one to Dyckia sp from pedreira.

The new looks of the new Dyckia hybrids

New species mean new hybrids, new looks, new possibilities
Look here, isn´t it pretty?

Multicolored plants!
the spines and the leaf margins are  brilliant bloody red.

An unnamed Dyckia species from Northeast Santa Catarina.
Most probably a Dyckia dussenii affinis

Some Dyckia species are heavily coated on the under leaves and they lift up their leaves in order to face the Sun during an extensive period of drought. This endument if on the upper surface it would be washed away by the rain and would be  useless during the dry season. Also lifting up the foliage the plant protects the growing area.

Oct 27, 2011

I wonder what will come out from this seed pod. 
The plant here is a Dyckia goehringii

Dyckia dawsonii, a Bill Baker cultivar.

This is a wonderful Dyckia dawsonii cultivar and most probably a Bill Baker plant.
Sent to me by David from Houma Louisiana.
A truly show plant!
 I just collected its first seed pod. Just a very few was produced and this indicates the plant still holds its
characteristics as a warm loving plants. Here it produced flowers in winter and the cold prevents some dyckia flowers from being pollinated.


Dyckia ibiramensis a wonderful reofitic species from Santa Catarina

Dyckia ibiramensis
This is a reofitic species as brevifolia.
It lives by and also within a rocky river bed, Rio Itajaí do Norte or Rio Hercílio between Ibirama and Dalbérgia in Santa Catarina.
Extremely rare I was the one to introduce it to the mortals.
I sent seeds of it to Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and United States in order
to guarantee the plant will be around.

This plant was named and described by Father Raulino Reitz.
He dedicated his life to the bromeliad study.
Here he was known as the Father of the Bromeliads.
He was a Catholic Father, Professor, Scientist, Politic and an adventurer.
Died by heart stroke during a public ceremony in his behalf in the city of Itajaí.

Dyckia argentea affinis rubra

This is a Dyckia species found in Minas Gerais.
Unnamed but clearly a related to argentea one and also rubra.
A nice and well structured plant.
The normal non rubra ones are blue/silver.

Oct 26, 2011

Dyckia goehringii X Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana Star of Brazil
Look what have amid the foliage here....a sprout.
this is the only way we have at home to make sure the new plant will have the very
same looks of the mother plant and this mother here is a knock down one.

dyckia goehringii, the real thing...

Dyckia goehringii
Most of what we see in the NET as dyckia goehringii are clearly fakes or hybrids.
The true one goehringii is a fantastic looking plant.
Compare if you dare...


Oct 25, 2011

Dyckia goehringii X Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana
Young plants. 


Dyckiasp from Lagoão-RS
"...sometimes, all I need is air that I breathe and to have u..."
1974! So long ago and so close....



Dyckia Keswick X (Dyckia Bill Baker X Dyckia Arizona)

Dyckia dawsonii X Dyckia Bill Baker
This is another 4Bs: Beauty By Bill Baker
This is a very young one....but it will be three bits more than dazzling...

Dyckia sp lagoão-RS
A new look, new colors, new hope on the rocks....

Dyckia hb California by Bill Baker
A small one sprout that got terrible damaged during its epic journey to Santa Catarina.

It is a resurrected one and will for sure be an explendid one around May when our cold will get back once more. This plant left Encino-Ca to Santa Monica and then to Los Angeles. From  there to Miami-Fl.
From Miami it flew once more to Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais Brazil. From there it went to a rest for some days in a surrounding town then it  got back to Belo Horizonte and from there to São Paulo. Once in São Paulo just a short one hour flight South to Joinville- Santa Catarina was in our way. The moment it was boarding the plane someone said: stop this baggage is not a hand one and must be loaded in the cargo area.
The plant and others were inside a nylon soft made small bag. It was thrown in the cargo area of the next plane do Joinville. Literally smashed by many more luggage and heavy ones...
Hours later my friend  finally landed in Joinville. The unbelievable precious bag flattened....
This is a heroin plant, a survivor from a most epic journey.
Its fate and rosary of bad happenings was not ended yet: it was late February and our winter came sooner this year. The miserable  beauty would face it before recovering.
I made all my best in order to guarantee it would pass through all this epic tragedy alive.
I asked the Almighty Gardener and ordered some very heavy Macumba works....they all worked!!
Was it  the Almighty? The Macumba one? My wishes?
I shall blame all and my huge gigantic colossal luck and the incomparable desire of living this small beauty
has shown.
I luv it!!
..and I luv my Californian friends, no doubt about.

Two hybrids together they show of one another...
These plants benefit from their togetherness as the colors seem to get even brighther.
Today we a having a rainning morning.