Feb 28, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen this is Lydia, Dyckia Lydia...a majesty is just born....

Dyckia hb Lydia
Home made myself.
Still very, very young and everything lies ahead...
Dyckias only get better as time passes by.
Imagine Lydia a year form today...
Lydia´s parents are amid the most spectacular Dyckias of all. 

Take a good look on Lydias´s parents below.

Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana Star of Brazil isx Lydia´s father.
Also home made myself.

Below is  Lydia´s mother.
Dyckia goehringii
The best from the Brazilian rocks.

Feb 27, 2011


Seed pod loaded Dyckia magnifica flower stems.
The thin branches  bend down by the weight
Just the top axial seed pods are self fertilized seeds. 
All the others are Dyckia delicata fertilized

Feb 25, 2011

Dyckia stenophylla X Dyckia beateae: a new look on the rock

This cross produced all green plants.They are all equal looking.
Beautifully shaped and as green as a parakeet.
Long thin leaves and  in large number.
This is a young plant.

Feb 24, 2011

Dark red leaves and the white/light blue/silver Dyckia marnier-lapostollei

One of the whitest  Dyckia species. Dyckia marnier-lapostollei 
a hybrid dark red Orthophythum


Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana Star of Brazil - Top right
Dyckia sp  green Lagoão-RS - Top left
Dyckia hb delicata type X Dyckia sp Lagoão-RS

The perfect match: Dyckia Icicle and Dyckia hb delicata X Dyckia lagoão

Notice the colors.
Imagine a group of them amid rocks in a perfect balance..
Dyckias do great in groups, large shallow basin like pots.

Dyckia delicata from Perau doTomba Bodes (Tipping Goat Slope)

Stand you up...
Stood still...
Her majesty: Red Dyckia delicata

"...once on a hight and windy hill
in the morning mist..."
There it was!
"...have you ever dreamt of a place...far away from it all?"
Where the dreams kiss the rocks...and are leafed..sprinkled with silver dust...

Dyckia Bill Paylen, a the top most ......

...and my heart melts, splits in two and blooms....
That ´s the magic in it...
Thanks to Steve from The Milk and Honey Land...
There where dreams come true!

Feb 23, 2011

Dyckia sp Lagoão or Dyckia sp delicata affinis - Lagoão-RS - rubra

Ruby...this is it! Ruby

Dyckia Ruby Snow

Dyckia Ruby Snow
"...they say Ruby you are like a flame,
into my life you came.
...and though I should be aware, still I just don´t care
You thrill me so. I only know...
Ruby it´s you."
Thanks, David! Many,many...

Dyckia brevifolia Yellow Glow
In my opinion one of the greatest Dyckias.

Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana
They rarely sprout and splitted heads are used for multiplying  fosteriana-fosteriana

Feb 22, 2011

A particulary beautiful green Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana

Green Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana are impressively rare.
Almost all dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana are rubra ones.

Orthophythuns are entirely Brazilian native plants.

Orthophythum magalhaesii, young juvenile plant.

These plants may do a nice figure amid Dyckias.
Recently, their species number more than doubled.
Brazil is a vast territory and some spots were never seen by the brave green minded guys.

Orthophythum leprosum wild colected close to Jaguaré ES.
Basal sprout at the collected plant.
This plant presents some variation in nature.
This one is the most endumented one.

Below, a home made O. saxicola and O. magalhaesii hybrid.

Just two dreams ago......

Just a dream ago...and a step back.
A dream plant....
Can´t you sew? Take a small brush imagine a year from now...the lavender breeze..birds singing.
Look down..all minute...you are over the rainbow....way up high. It is exactly there...over the rainbow. We shall meet there...always there.

Feb 21, 2011

Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana..say WOW!

One breathtaking beautiful Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana, above.
Below, you open mouth to an all white Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana

No this is not a painting..no canvas here.
The white beauty is a hybrid  I made Dyckia marnier lapostollei and Dyckia delicata.
I just love it.
The copper one is a species! Dyckia sp Lagoão or the kaleidoscopic Dyckia.
Dyckias dos so...fill the eyes to the top most level and better yet:
Dyckias bloom and bloom and bloom and only get better looking as time passes by.
Contrary to many others they do not pass away as timer and blooms pass.Their blooms are for celebration.
Below the Fosteriana-fosteriana makes it difficult to choose.

Dyckia delicata red from the Tipping Goat Slope an some lyrics glamour...

Hummm..are u sure luv is the many splendorous thing?
I wouldn´t be that sure...
..but you can always cry me a river over me...

...then once on a high and windy hill...
in the morning mist...we all stood still...

Color, vigor and Dyckia companion and fascination

In my opinion and under the eyes of mine...nothing rivals to the fascinating 
Dyckia brevifolia Var. Golden Glow..a topmost beautiful man made one.
It is fascination...I know...

All man made plants but the Orthophythum leprosum here.
This is bettering.
Below Dyckia Icicle and a red Hybrid  Ortho. I do not even know the name...
Who does? Both human masterpieces...deserve a museum...a living one.

Orthophythum...they are all Brazilian
They are endemic to my place.
some went out and returned fancier than
ou nature could have made...beautiful...
Perfect Dyckia companions...

Feb 20, 2011

All man made plants...a show of color on the rocks....

All here got a man hand to get even more beautiful except the green brevifolia. All these were dreamed before, wished before, seen before even being real....Dreams are for real!

Orthophythum hyb Brittle Star doing fine in Brazil

Orthophythum Brittle Star or...
...when some  Brazilian citizens get back home even fancier.
Paul, from Arkansas... and I never saw a saw saw like the saw we saw saw in Arkansas.
Beauuuuutiful plant! Thanks!


Color up your pallet
The red hybrid  Orthophytum are sprouts from the flower bractea.
They are here just for the picture, they are not planted here,
only stunning Dyckia brevifolia Yeloow Glow are.
Don´t you think it is Carnival in Rio?

Dyckia magnifica seed pods
It seems no flower was missed.
We are about to have Dyckia magnifica and Dyckia delicata hybrids as well as
Dyckia delicata and Dyckia magnifica ones.
What lies ahead? Beauty, certainly....new looks

Dyckia hb Tante

Dyckia hb Tante
One of the most spectacular new hybrids...
Dyckia lindelvaldeae X Dyckia pectinata.
Have you seen a better looking one recently?
Made by Dra. Apolônia Grade

Feb 19, 2011

Dyckia excelsa....spectacular!

Dyckia excelsa

...one of the whithest dyckia species....

Dyckia Picante