Jul 18, 2009

Dyckia lindelvaldae

Dyckia lindelvaldeae

Dyckia lindelvaldeae is a precious beautiful gem
and an extremely difficult to get true seeds
as you can see here.
Next year, maybe with a better luck.
I must synchronize their boomings!
(tag has: abril 2009 = April 2009)
We are in the middle of July and April was the fertilization attempt.

Dyckia lindelvaldeae

The plant here suffered some damages before getting to my garden.
This is a much too precious and beautiful plant to let this to happen.
This is a very old plant with many heads.
This year it emitted several flowers stems and I was happy.
The happiness did not lat longer ´cause the other lindelvaldea decided to get late
in blooming. Dyckia lindelvaldeae is auto incompatible. They need another plant of the same species to get true seeds.
I managed to get some pods and they are pure strain but look...
Will them germinate?

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