Oct 23, 2017

The super white Dyckia hebdingii

Jaws, super white one

Dyckia goehringii super white X Dyckia Big Brazil . 
It takes rain so the scale cover is damaged

Oct 20, 2017

Dyckia pottiorum........a marvel of the rocks

 This is a much than splendid one plant. It is unique in many ways. It grows this way in natures and it carries the world on its back. I could say this is  a sea crab plant. On its back are the flowers stalk and also the leftovers of old flowers stalks. The plant emits sprouts and caries them all on its back too.

Recently I came to know the plants on the spot the holytype came from were all eaten to their roots by stray cattle. The terrible dry killed all the othe edible plants and those poor animals had to rely on Dyckias to survive. In that place none was left. Some super white ones were find nearby byt the red ones, grey and green ones are vanished all eaten by the cows.