Apr 30, 2012

Dyckia hb Tarzan (by Bill Baker)

Dyckia hb Tarzan

We are used to very young plants and they are green and white plants.
This is an adult plant in all its glory.
It is for sure one of the most spectacular Bill Baker Hybrids.
It is very prolific and produce many lateral off shoots.



Apr 29, 2012

Acanthostachys ..... a new one species from spouth  in Brazil  in Paraná.
This  Acanthostachys is an extremely vigorous and silver /white one.
It is a much beautiful plant.
Acanthostachys strobiloides is a much smaller one, and has brown/orange and narrower leaves.

All of us here in badly needing a hair make up...


Dyckia sp  chorestaminea affinis from 
Santo Antônio da Patrulha - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
A very small  plant and the narrowest leaves in Dyckia.
Reproduces the same way as Dyckia chorestaminea,  Dyckia jonesiana, 
Dyckia julianae, by underground stoloms.


Dyckia goehringii X Dyckia pectinata

Dyckia hb Coração Sangrando (bleeding heart)


Dyckia hb Keswick
(Dyckia hb Bill Paylen X Dyckia hb Arizona)

This is a young lateral sprout originated plant and already splitting head.
I think this is a luxury plant, something hard to be matched.
See the impeccable white teeth the dark olive green color on the up side of the leaves and also the pure white underleaves.


Apr 28, 2012

Dyckia ferruginea!!!!
A very differentiated specimen and a most endumented one. Extremely rare!!
Ferruginea is not this richly coated, at least the type form.
This is a collected plant  by  a Brazilian  entrepreneur botanist from Paraná among a ferruginea field  in Mato Grosso. He told me just a population  in wilderness is found to be so  richly coated.
This guy  has a most one of the most comprehensive and impressive Dyckia collection. 



Dyckia encholirioides var. spinosissima

Hybrid Dyckia I myself made.
Notice the red spines. the plant is a young one and many changes may occur till  it blooms.
Notice the many leaves.
This is new, different and not just variations on an old theme.
I show  here the new, the unseen and the beautiful and you may do it much better!

Apr 27, 2012

Dyckia excelsa

An inexperienced mind would easily take this as an Encholirium. 

Dyckia excelsa

Native to Serra de São Vicente  close to the capital of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, Cuiabá.
Its glowers look close to  those of an encholirium and a not used to Dyckias guy and experienced  one say it is  an Encholirium .
We are bound to follow up a Dyckia excelsa blooming here. it remembers those of the ferruginia but without the rusty cover on the floral bractea.


Dyckia dawsonii cv pink spines.

Dycia brevifolia
People are used to isolated plants or small groups. See this.
The plant can cover a large area exactly as those Andean plants but with many separated plants and not  may sprouts.
One of the most beautiful Dyckias and we are just finding out there are several varieties.
Some smaller and some bigger than the type form.


Dyckia fosteriana cv fosteriana-fosteriana var. Star of Brazil
Here under the moring dew.


Dyckia excelsa

Dyckia excelsa is native to Mato Grosso and one not used to Mato Grosso Dyckias would
  say this is an Enchlorlirium.
We shall follow these blooming here.

Dyckia excelsa
I think this to be an extraordinary  name and a very suited one.
This plant lives on  bare rock in Mato Grosso and presents some natural variations.
I have one  excelsa that is mostly white/silver and I already showed it here. 


The rare true Dyckia goehringii
It is now producing many many flower stalks.
Never it bloomed so plentifully.
This is a big basin like pot and it is a sight to behold.

People insist in saying they have  goehring but theirs is a pale reflexion of what  a true goehring might be.
The fake goehring is a plant produced in USA and  sold to  people in Southeast Asia.
Seeds may have come from Brazil but uncontrolled produced.
the same famous dyckia seller produced  the Famous Britte star fake that is now getting around the world.
In fact a F....something from  Brittle Star.
We have seen people being fooled by a "Bromeliad Mafia" who can not tolerate any obstacle.
Specially people who reveals the true.
I myself I favor the hybrids in Dyckias as those protect the type forms and tend to be much more beautiful.
See the Dyckia flower stalks here. They are green and they are  very slender.
Dyckia are a fantastic bromeliad beside being  eternal and forever like the diamonds they do not arbor water thank. This is a crucial characteristic for the human wealth.
Rio de Janeiro is  in a full Dengue crisis now, thousands of people  attacked and some dying from the hemorrhagic type. Dengue mosquitoes have predilection form bromeliads the holds water.
When under cultivation they are even more dangerous than when in the forest as there in the forest the mosquito and its larvae have natural enemies.
Aedes  aegypti the dengue mosquito is regularly found  prospering in the tanks bromeliad plants.
Here the Public Heath  recommends ans insist for people do not keep any tank bromeliad at home under cultivation.
In two minths we shall have true goehringii seeds.


Apr 26, 2012

Dyckia hb Brittle Star
...words are not needed!