Dec 31, 2012



Delicata playing...


Dyckia encholirioides var. spinosissima
Smaller than Dyckia encholirioides type and tremendously rare.It is found in nature only  on a very small portion of a wild  Atlantic beach here close to where I leave.

This variety is not described. some people turn up their nose when I show  species, varieties they and the Science never saw before  but this is precisely the the best I offer to 
those who dare to see the new and the brand new. 
We are not used to this fort this is rarer than the rare new plants I show here. 

Dare to be a pioneer and cultivate this regal beauty.
Seeds are available under request


This is an extremely beautiful formed Dyckia sp from Tabaí-RS
 The straight leaves look like swords....
It is a Dyckia maritima affinis for sure.
What a shaping!


Dyckia sp burlei-marxii affinis


Dyckia sp from São João do Triunfo , Paraná.

This plant was found on a giant turtle shell like rock amid a Brazilian pine tree wood.
A very beautiful plant. Grows no more than the size of a  fosteriana.


Young seedlings

Dyckia delicata var. cyanophylla

The plant is a imposing and tremendously beautiful one.
Pictures I made in 2010


Dyckia delicata
Pictures I made in 2010


Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana

I always say if I had to choose just one group amid all Dyckia ones
the fosteriana one would be my chosen one.


In 2013 may all your dreams come true and  be colorful
sprout readily and grow strong.
  Thank you for the bright and hopeful 2012.

                                                                                                Constantino Gastaldi


Dec 30, 2012

Dyckia julianae

Seeds are available under request.


Dyckia hb Brittle Star



We´re a 10 hours road trip apart....

This is where we live. Dyckia delicata and me.
I live in Joinville, Northeast Santa Catarina , close to the Atlantic Ocean.
Joinville is the largest Santa Catarina City and the third in the entire South.
Dyckia delicata lives some 687 km South southwest from me.
It takes some 10 hours trip to get there.
Without help no one would find out the plant in nature, and this is a blessing.
The plant is safe, once there one can only take pictures.


Dec 29, 2012

I just love this giant blue hebdingii aff plant.
It seems the Sun comes from it.


Dyckia lindelvaldeae...its golden yellow flowers are scented


Dyckia hb Toothy Wolfgang

Dyckia hb Brittle Star.


A very impressive and beautiful specimen of aDyckia sp from southern in Brazil.


The plant divided crown and now a flower stalk appears.
Delicata rubra is a very late bloomer.

This is the majestic impressive Dyckia delicata rubra.

A feast for the eyes...
 and no puping here.

The two pictures above were taken just now and it is quite cloudy  powder raining. this evidentiates the reddish and hides the scales.
Bellow these two pictures were made in a sunny day.


Die Bromelie a German publication and the world most prestigious Brom magazine

The German mind and scientists are known as crazy about accuracy and details.
They die but do not lie!
This issue brought  a comprehensive report on Dyckia delicata.
A visit a German  man and me made to the delicatas to show the world what is all about it.
these picture here showing the mag and some of my delicatas were taken during a dark cloudy rainy day
and the plants show less scales and whiteness.

Look. no puping anywhere.....on the mag pages and in my garden too
 Delicatas do not pup.


I want to say thank you in German here to my friends over there. 
Danke Freunde. In Ihnen können wir alle vertrauen

I have friends around the world  and all and each are my guest here to visit
our wilderness and take pictures.