Jul 27, 2009

Dyckia gloriosa - Science is experimentation and observation not a vanity fair!

The rubra Dyckia gloriosa is a single and singular finding among the green ones.
The green Dyckia gloriosa are extremely rare.
What is left to be said about the red rubra form?

Observe the gap between spines and the color of the under leaves
they are absolutely the very same in both plants.

Dyckia gloriosa
These are the very same plant species.
The magnific red one is a rubra form of the green species.
Imagine a clump of red ones...

Dyckia gloriosa
This is one of my own findings.
This is not an official name but it will be after enough observing.
We hardly know the true valid named Dyckias left aside the yet to be named formally Dyckias.
Native to Northeastern Santa Catarina Uphills the blood red one is a rubra form a less conspicuous green plant.
Science is basically experimenting and observing.
Decidedly not a vanity fair!

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