Jun 30, 2015

The impressive an unusual details of a blooming Dyckia pottiorum

Dyckia pottiorum is an extremely unusual and impressively beautiful plant.
Besides being distic it is found in several colors and all the shades in between, green, silvers, reds, white....
Also Dyckia pottiorum presents prostrated habits, its foliage are kept close to the ground, flat to it.
These characteristics makes Dyckia pottiorum a most ornamental one.

this plant here shown presents many blooming shots
This is due to a hormonal imbalance.


Jun 29, 2015

Dyckia encholirioides var. glabra

Dyckia encholirioides glabra Wilson Müeller

this young and absolutely unexpected plant was found here, Santa Catarina Northeast, by my friend and intrepid botanist Wilson Müeller.
Dyckias have much to tell and show and we just found a tiny bit of them.
Most Dyckias are yet to be seen by the very first time!
This is a yellow is plant ans a marvel in all aspects and under any angle.
Dyckia encholirioides is supposed to present many, many thorns hence its scientific name Encholirioides (full of rage and resembling an Encholirium.)
It was found in a tiny sea island, one and a half nautical mile from the seashore amid a vigorous  normal looking Dyckia encholirioides.


Jun 28, 2015

Dyckia hebdingii in its best festive gown


Dyckia mauriziae, an extremely rare white distic Brazilian Dyckia.

Dyckia mauriziae

A fabulous White one. 
This plant here is  just getting acquainted to its new condition and has much to improve ahead.
It is so rare and hard to see even on pictures.

Notice the white scales here.

This mother plant already proudly shows four lateral sprouts.All distic.


Dyckia encholirioides spinosissima

The real trunk is covered by the leftovers  from the leaves,
 in fact just the axils stay covering the real trunk.
This enables the plant to survive fires.
Dyckias have much to tell us.

Jun 27, 2015

Red Dyckia pottiorum a runaway from the old obvious looks

When the best is better than all the rest.

Those who dare to have the beautiful and rare.
Pottiorum is  a run away from the obvious old looks.

A friend and me in Dyckia brevifolia habitat, 2014.

Dyckia brevifolia can stay submersed for days during  the Itajaí-açu river floods.

Dennisfrom Tropiflora and me.

Living is worthwhile when we have dreams...


Dyckia Alegria (Joy in Portuguese)

Alegria is also an ode to Joy.
...an ode in leaves, charm, color and enchantment.

Jun 26, 2015

No, not a Dyckia! This bird lives here. A lovely Joinville Citizen.

Trogon rufus

This  Atlantic Forest living jewel lives here and was photographed by my friend Vilde Heriberto Florêncio, a wildlife photographer. It is absolutely rare and hard to be spotted. Here also lives the red Trogon and it is much easier to be found. Vilde took this picture yesterday morning here in Joinville where I live.
this bird is related to the Quetzal that lives in Guatemala. Taxonomists had a big deal of work for their skin  is so thin and fragile it was impossível to have preserved specimen of these birds.
The native indians know this bird as "surucuã".

A dazzling beautiful  Joinville citizen!!!


Jun 23, 2015

Dyckia Branca de Neve (Snow White)

Dyckia Branca de Neve

Mesmeric beautiful this is an only one
Huge thorns, super white and multi leafed hypnotic beautiful  hybrid Dyckia I myself made.

To the bite and hide type Thai guys:
pursue the unique, the beautiful, the jaw dropper, the enchanted, the magical, the dreamy stunning beautiful.
In doing so try to make something really new, really magical.
Concentrate your spirits in something new and positive.
Dare to be unique and share the beauty, dare to learn and you will find out living is worthwhile.
Dogs bark as the caravan passes by