May 31, 2015

New found Dyckia from Itajaí vballey in Santa catarina

This marvelous Dyckia presents its leaves like long hanging ribbons.
the plant lives up on a steep slope closento a main road.
its leaves hang out the stony wall like the feathers of a quetazal tail

It may be Dyckia encholirioides closerelted plant.

May 28, 2015

Dyckia mauriziae, this gives a new meaning to the word rare.

 Dyckia mauriziae

Ok,it is in very bad conditions but it is alive and here with me.
Dyckia mauriziae is a white distic already described super ultra rare Brazilian Dyckia.
It lives in a ravine like formation covered by fallen leaves of the Brazilian Cerrado.
The leaves are formed in a fanned disposition and they are covered by large white scales.
Here just a timid porr cared plant but it will improve.

Dyckia new found distic species.

I know almost nothing about this new one distic Dyckia but I did not resist to show it here.
Brazil has so many to be found, described and seen by the very first time.
Flowers how are them? The plant lives arched and not up righted.
Wow! A gift from a scientist. a Braziliam botanist.

We shall follow  its development and behavior here.


May 19, 2015

A super Dyckia pectinata hybrid I made here.

Boody adagas but they are tame for they are ruber soft as the pectinata´s.


A promissing young Hybrid.

A young hybrid and a promissing one...

May 16, 2015

May 13, 2015

May 12, 2015

Dyckia Milky Way today


Dyckia Milky Way and its younger rubra sister

Both plants here have the same parents:

- Above, a younger sedling is Dyckia Brittle Star and Dyckia reitzii rubra form.

- Bellow it is Dyckia Milky Way produced using BS ans mother and fathered by a Dyckia reitzii type form.


May 10, 2015

Dyckia nana, a rare small living Brazilian jewel

Dyckia pottiorum or when the best is better than all the rest!

Dyckia pottiorum

Seeds are avalilable under request

Amazingly beautiful definetly a nothing to compare with!

Those new growth on top of the plant are flower stalks starts.

Isn´t it fantastic?
Color, form, fat leaves, all cries out loud: beautiful!