Jul 25, 2009

Dyckia ibiramensis

Dyckia ibiramensis

This is a reofitic Dyckia. This means it leaves close to running white waters as Dyckia brevifolia and Dyckia disthachia. Dyckia ibiramensis is a rare plant and its home in nature in no bigger than a small room. Many researches have been made and most not in the behalf of the plant but in the needing of the researchers. If half the efforts already used to get to know obvious and needless things were used to transfer sprouts tho the neighbour surroundings the plant would be considered a pest. See how it clones itself!
It would be wonderful to have genetic differences to get back to nature but this will never happen. We have to deal with reality.
Waiting for the ideal people does anything useful. We know every detail of the seeds but it should have being much simpler and tremendously better to have transferred some plants to the many niches surrounding the plants that are there. It is science drying ice and puncturing the water with a stick once more.
The plant is useful in may ways specially to abash he energy producing plants.
There are people who are well against energy plants construction but let me ask them a few question:
a-Do you have children of your own?
Human being are the most terrible consumers of everything. No one is green minded reproducing him or herself. Nothing polutes more than a human being. A green mind would adopt. We are all brother, aren´t we? We are all equal, aren´t we?
b- In summer do you use air conditioning? In winter do you heat?
c- Have you went trough a surgery? Was it make on the light of candles?
d- Do you want atomic plants? The American people doesn´t know what do to with the leftovers and already had serious troubles. The Russian hat Chernobyl. Do you think we Brazilians and aour science are better equipped?

The plant has been used to get notoriety and .......

All of us are in terrible need of cleaner world and we all want it. Would you bath in cold water during winter? What about to stay without energy for a month just to get to know it better what could it be to be green.
I want every river or stream with lots of energy producers plants. And the plants the real ones would live together.
That wonderful plant here you saw as Dyckia Sp Perau da Cabrita. The most beautiful of all Dyckias in Brazil was found thanks to the efforts of a Constructor Energy Dam Company.

But let us imagine the poor guy taking cold shower baths in Anchorage in January .....don´t
panic: the water would not run.....

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