Jul 23, 2009

Dyckia fosteriana ona pottery dish...

The above picture was taken after the maintenance.
Note the plants are all the same species all Dyckia fosteriana.
All species!
Observe three things:
- The remade landscape and its new details.
- One plant is emitting flowers stalk.
- The central plant is a Dyckia fosteriana rubra.

A dish with Dyckias is like a garden, always in need of maintenance.

One or two rocks may be removed to bring room for some new and fresh substrate. Other may be repositioned. Rocks have many roles to fill. They preserve the necessary moisture for the root system and also are a good sight to the eyes.

Death leaves must be cut. Remember cutting is not removing all the leaf even a dried one.
Do not pull them this is not good for the plant!
Dyckias hold their remains for decades! Do not ever pull them! Leftovers of death leaves are attached to the Dyckia trunk and they will be there for many many years to come. They preserve the living trunk. Dyckia trunks have no bark!

The best way to do the maintenance here is to remove all rocks and take out the whole substrate with all plants without removing any plant from its place nor disturbing the root system of any plant. Once the dish is empty you may brush it with a metallic brush and also wash it removing any algae and waste soil.

Get back to the set of plants. On a table you cut the old leaves and remove any weed to the root.
Search for insects. If needed use a insecticide. With Dyckias do not waste time nor money with contact insecticides. You will never reach all the secluded areas of a Dyckia.Use systemic ones.

Read two or three times all you have to know about it. All the miserable small letters. If you do not understant tool frree and ask everything directly to the maker.
Remember you will never know enough ´cause even the responsible chemicals for the product will.

Care! When was the last time you bought a box of disposable rubber gloves? Which is your glove number? ( 6, 6.5; 7 , 7.5; 8, 8.5?)Disposable masks? Do you have an overall? Does it suits on you now or it fited on you ten years ago?
Do you know how these insecticides work? Do you love the people who live with you?
Healthy plants does not need intoxicated keepers! No one needs.

Do you know the symptoms of poisoning? Do you know what to do if you touch the dangerous stuff? Who will you call for help?
Keep healthy plants is not for the kids, decidedly this is not a children play.
How do you dispose the gloves, masks? How do you wash your overall? Where?
No, this is not too much! This is too few and too little!!
Insecticides makers give a s.... to you!!!! They always all did...remember Bopal in India!
You must not give the same stuff to yourself! Be wise!

Done this you fill half the volume of the dish with fresh and new substrate.
Then it is time to get the whole set of plants back to the dish.
The plants will have a lifted position and they will be happy for this.
On an elevated position they can take more nutrients from the air around and also our eyes get a better chance to fulfill.
Well cared plants is nice to see, a pleasent sight... that is what Dyckias are for...
...to please you not to kill you!

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