Dec 29, 2016

Dyckia fosteriana var. Sengés, one of the many many forms and of of the best looking ones

Isn´t it a many explendored One?
Sparkling beautiful !
All the best in just one: small,  pristine beautiful, delicate looking...

Dec 27, 2016

Dyckia hb Brittle Star X Dyckia dawsonii from a Dear friend in Berlin

It took me six months to sow the seeds  after getting them from Berlin.
Dyckia Brittle Star already has dawsonii in its blood and crossing it  with dawsonii reinforce this heritage.
Another point, all seeds sprouted the very same looking plants. 

Just a seedling? ..all within a seed: every dream can come true.



Seeds carry dreams and treasures, give the beautiful and
 the rare a chance to live close to you.



Winter is the best season to sow. 
You can control light and temperatures and
when the spring gets to you area you and your seedlings are some steps ahead.

Be some steps ahead....


Dec 26, 2016

Dyckia monticola var aurora, what a sight!

The dazzling Dyckia hebdingii arco-íris stars a new flower stalk

Campo alegre in Santa Catarina Northeast

Campo Alegre, Northeast Santa Catarina Uphills Dyckia field.....

More than much too often when I ask the expert botanists they usually insist saying:
Oh, this is Dyckia monticola, many say, Dyckia croccea, some say  Dyckia tuberosa
 and a very few say they do not know. I stay put to the last ones

I say gorgeous!!!!

Campo Alegre, Santa Catarina Northeast uphills....

The bumble bee is a very very important fertilizer agent .
Flowers when hanging upside down they accept pollen,
 once pollinated they begin to turn up.