Nov 30, 2012

 Ich habe Freunde! Freunde unerlässlich. Ich habe Freunde auf der ganzen Welt. Freunde, die nie ausgetauscht eine Umarmung. Freunde, die eine dritte Sprache zu sagen braucht: Ich liebe dich. Danke mein deutscher Freund, das ist ein Schatz für mich und Sie auch sind.

 Vielen Dank

This is one of the best publications in Bromeliads I ever saw.
A treasure with information we can rely on, trust on.
German are crazy about species and their work are something unbelievably beautiful.
Here where I live, South in Brazil, German feel at home, most of us speak German and we are all
fond of German food, and the beer, and they are everywhere here.

Nov 29, 2012

Dyckia ibiramensis rubra..I love it and I make it happen...

Dyckia ibiramensis rubra

This plant appeared amid thousands of seedlings.
In nature when a seedling , a normal one manages to grow  it is a miracle.

Today this plant, Dyckia ibiramensis, is assisted in nature.

Never, a ibiramensis rubra was reported before no matter in nature or under cultivation.

Dyckia ibiramensis rubra a rarity among the rare



Dyckia hb Liz Taylor
 It gets better and better looking everyday.

Dyckia discoides


A Brazilian southern beautiful we have to see it over and over to believe our eyes....
Yes! Dyckia!
Just beginning to color up....



Nov 28, 2012

Dyckia reitzii X Dyckia ibiramensis

Two Southern beauties got together....


Dyckia braunii



Living together...growing together...


This is one on many jewels I had the pleasure to get from Texas.
Friends..nothing compares to my friends...friends I never most valuable treasure.

Howdy, Frank?

This is an almost black and white plant.
It was made with Dyckia hb Brittle Star and another deep red one  also from Bill Baker.
This is a young sprout and I keep on wondering this plant a year ahead from now...


New and dazzling beautiful from way down South in Brazil...

Notice the shape and size,
The spines, no they are not black! They are deep blue!
Look the white ornamenting the spines.
This plant never bloomed here in my garden but it is trying to do it by the very first time.
A Dyckia will show its real face, its final mask only after having bloomed and never before this.


Nov 26, 2012

Dyckia insignis, how surprising are its flowers!


Look insignis flowers are so odd....
The petals do not open and are almost as hard as the sepals.
The female part is branched.
The flowers are scented!


Dyckia goehringii



Nov 25, 2012

Dyckia insignis

Dyckia insignis
A few big flowers ready to open...


Dyckia sp from Porto Alegre leprosarium

It is beginning to show its real coloration.
This beast is a feast for the eyes...