Aug 31, 2017

The smallest Dyckia of all. Dyckia pampeana

This is most probably the tiniest Dyckia species of all.
It comes from way down South in Brazil plains, the pampas.
It forms a dense carpet on rocks amid the Pampa prairies.
I almost got extint due to extensive sheep breeding. A very few were found  within a rotting wood fence post hidden from the sheep lips.

the shape is a perfection here.... Dyckia hebdingii aff

Dyckia hebdingii is always a show but this variety is spectacular.
The spines are very conspicuous and the ball shape of the plant is intriguing.

Soon seeds will be available under request.

Dyckia hebdingii aff

This is a spectacular Dyckia hebdingii form. This plant makes a perfect half ball.
Dyckia hebdingii are amid the best looking ones.

Aug 29, 2017

Aug 24, 2017

...Yes, these are getting married! Not Dyckias but wonderful company to them.

Yes, me too.
 I do get starry eyed here.

Aug 21, 2017

Aechmea recurvata alba xantic, a rarity and a beauty and also add to a Dyckia garden

The white alba flowers are extremely delicate. they literally rot under
 the cold powdered winter rain.
 This plant is a sight to behold and it grows on rocks as Dyckias do.
A fine Dyckia company for sure.

Sincoraea navioides, a splendid Dyckia company

This plant here is about to show its flower.
Sincoraeas once were Orthophythum classified and they carry  the famous bromeliad curse:
 they die after blooming and one must to start it all over again in order to have  new plants.
 Dyckias are curse free for they do not die by blooming.
Even so we can´t deny this plant here is a show and something to add 
grace and color to any rock garden.

Aug 20, 2017

ne, newfound one. Small and colorful and I have seeds.

Dyckias, there are and they are many more than we already know and have found....

Seed ponds

Aug 18, 2017

Adult Dyckia fosteriana Var. Sengés. There are about two dozen different looks of it.

 A flowering adult plant fits inside ones hand.

I looks like a white tarantula.

Aug 14, 2017

Ok, not Dyckia. Aechmea recurvata!!!!!

One of the best looking bromoliad frequently found living on rocks sharing them with Dyckias.
This is Aechmea recurvata alba xantic, a rarety from our southern rocks.

Sincoraea once Orthophytum navioides early in the morning

Aug 2, 2017