Feb 20, 2009

What about this way of keeping and presenting Dyckias?

Gorgeous to say the least

We may just get tired or bored from seeing splendid plants suffering in tiny black plastic pots but the plants may die .
Being extreme sun lovers their root system boils literally when exposed to the sun they adore and need in order to be gorgeous.
Dyckias have a tremendously large root system and when they do not perish they get dwarfed, bonzaied in small plastic pots.
Air must circulate in the substrate where Dyckias are planted and their roots must have plenty of room.
In my opinion a sight of a huge collection of Dyckias all in tiny plastic pots is just like getting into a white hen poultry... a mix of sameness and suffering altogether.
Potted plants must transfer to you their contentment and welfare to make us feel good. That´s what potted plants are for, isn´t it?
Dyckias are not for eating...even so a lettuce doesn´t sell unless gorgeous and healthy, pleasant to one´s eyes.
The red plant is an American bigeneric bromeliad Neophytum fire cracker. Two Brazilian native species were evolved o get to this splendid plant. This is bettering. This plant loves sun at the most as Dyckias do so it is a nice companion for them.

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