Feb 25, 2009

Dyckia disthachia aurea

This is a small reofitic from west Santa Catarina
Produces conspicuous yellow gold flowers;
Has a very peculiar comportment as the older leaves turns down and lift the plant from the rocks this way keeping the plant longer way from the flood waters. Certainly this attitude counts n o matter the plant being submerged by flood waters periodically.
The spines are no much bigger than the dot of this letter"i".
Shoots profusely producing compact masses of plants.
Extremely rare outside Brazil.
This plant pictured descend from one Father Raulino Reitz gave t a friend of him here in Joinville-SC.
The invader weeds were not removed for you to compare sizes. ( This weed is an international nonsense among hobbyist around the world.)
The plant illustrated here is a young adult one.

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