Feb 28, 2009

Dyckia sp - Painel - SC

Dyckia sp Painel-SC
Another rocky beauty from Southwest Santa Catarina.
This is a only one seedling and mostly of it lies ahead.
It is a medium sized plant. A very attractive big toothed Dyckia.
The spines are big and white, very scaled. The plant is dark and there is also a red form.
Completely new It is a gift from a friend that said it seems the one plant we have there is close related to this while pointing to one most magnificent Dyckia Peral da Cabrita.
Hummm..time will reveal.
"O que sera, sera...what will be will be. The future is not our to see, what will be, will be"
Remember that old American song....
One thing is for sure...this guy will be an splendid one.

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