Feb 21, 2009

Dyckia fosteriana

Dyckia fosteriana is a classic Dyckia. Being a very good gold medalist swimmer was one of the first to cross the seven seas. It was used to be crossed with some other classic ones but just a very few descendants are pettier than this majesty. There seem to be nothing to be bettered in this fantastic Southern plant. There are some natural variation in it ´cause its range is a bit large for a Dyckia. A well carried Dyckia fosteriana never ceases to catch one´s eyes. It is one of the most extreme sun lovers even among Dyckias. When away from its passion it becomes drab and pale and a palid figure. This species needs plenty of sun to be happy and good looking. Do not water them from above, the water wash away all the scales and the plant looses its prettiness. Also is strongly recommended no to plant it uprighted. Water locked inside the center of the crown is sure death if the weather gets dark, cold and humid. In nature this plants begin their life as an uprighted seedling and soon divided crowns leads to a better position to face the weather. It also enjoys some breeze.

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