Feb 27, 2009

Dyckia Red Devil

As hybrid it is a poor seed maker and a very good pollen donator.
Shoots promptly and the pups are very well attached to their mother plant.
It is hard to remove them.

Dyckia Red Devil
Devilishly beautiful
It is not that small or any small. Very hard touching.
This American hybrid is a show and a well known one. Here it is very difficult to get hybrid dyckias from abroad.
Funny enough Dyckias use to fly and swim out of the country and extremely rarely they do the way back.
This one manged do do so..
A superb hybrid.


  1. Why is it hard to get Dyckia into the country?

  2. Gary, legally it is almost impossible. Living creatures need a such amont of papers and permits it is almost something like an Herculean job.

    Also to get any out besides illegal it is tremendouslu expensive. A two pund package costs almost US$300,00 (Three hundred US dollars) This same weight from America or Europe costs the same as one good icecream.

    Our Post is securaly one of the worst and most expensive one. This makes everything literally impossible or close to it.