Feb 22, 2009

Dyckia brevifolia, a spectacular one.

Dyckia brevifolia sharing room with a D. fosteriana and D. delicata hybrid.
In the center and still young a rare Dyckia ibiramenis. The blue bloom belongs to a Sinningia speciosa Joinville form and in the bachground a spectacular little polka doted bromeliad also native to Notheastern Santa Catarina.

Dyckia brevifolia lives in Santa Catarina right where I was born.
It is one of the classic Dyckias and one of the first to reach the four corners of the world.
It seems this marvel passed though many and uncountable breedings, inbreeding, interbreedings and whatsoever up to a point in most parts of the globe people lost the track of it and they point a camel stating look at my pretty zebra.
Well , this green is a native one Dyckia brevifolia.
Man made some bettering also in this plant and one of this betterings is just breathtaking.
No one fails to look at it no matter where it might be.
Dyckia brevifolia yellow glow is a true one beauty. This is also a Dream Dyckia.
A man made Dream Dyckia!

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  1. Have you used D. brev. Yellow Glow in any breeding? Or is it sterile as both male and female?