Feb 22, 2009

This lady comes from Southwest Bahia

This one above is a Dyckia sp. native to Bahia.
The one below is a Gaucha from Rio Grande do Sul.
Similar but not the same they live some 4 hours jet plane flight apart.

This one come from way down South in Brazil. This is one Dycia hebdingii a jewel from the gaucho rocks. They live 4.000 km apart from each other.

A nice young seedling of the Bahia Lady

A rare Bahia born pretty lady: Dyckia sp
Looks extremely like the gaucha Dyckia hebdngii but differs from the Southern jewel in many features.
It is extremely rare and it is still to bloom in my garden so up to there it will improve some more.
In a first glance anyone can state this is a Dyckia ebdingii, a closer look will promptly correct the mistake.

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