Feb 25, 2009

About blooming pretty babies ...

Look closely they are emitting flower spikes.
This flowers yellow almost orange.
They are Dyckia brevifolia and Dyckia fosteriana babies.

These are almost there with their spikes..

Contrary to Orchids. With Dyckias you do not have to loose your teeth to see seed flower.
I may take just two years for you to see the colors of a seed bloom.
Also you can do some bettering of your own.
These pics were taken in a cloudy rainy day.
Yes Dyckias take rain... and here in Northeastern Santa Catarina it rains a lot year around.
A good drainage is imperative for the Dyckia surviving here.
Dyckias in fact enjoy rainy days ( and Mondays?). They grow better when water is at their disposal. The fact they resist dryness does not mean they enjoy and relish a waterless long term. They suffer, take ages to dye, but they do!
Drainage! Key for success among these rocky ladies.

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