Feb 16, 2009

Dyckia ibiramensis
A reofitic plant from Ibirama, Santa Catarina, South in Brazil. Extremely rare in nature and anywhere else but it is a extremely prolific plant. Grows easily ad produces spikes of yellow little flowers.
It has being used in order to avoid dam construction to produce electricity. Guys who do so do not stop reproducing themselves, taking hot showers in winter or using air conditioner.
Maybe and just maybe they favor.....another atomic plant...maybe.
Nothing has being done to keep the plant alive in a safe place. It seems it will take ages for us Brazilians to understand this. No one is Green when eating meat from amazonian cattle, or using air conditioning and energy produced by atomic plants...nothing is more terrible to nature than another human being. Think. We are already too many or do u think we can continue on reproducing like mads?

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