Feb 23, 2009

Dyckia sp?

Don´t panic, I know!
Yes, this is not a Dyckia! It is an African jewel the pretty little Aloe brevifolia.
This is for you to compare
In spite of nothing comparing to...to...
..to a Dyckia my dear.
Aloes are superb wonder African plants, I know.

BUT.....( There is always at least one, isn´t there?)

Dyckia hebdingii grandis

This Dyckia tries to form a globe like structure. A super Dyckia and a lousy swimmer,
(can not be seen abroad), has not crossed the seven seas. Being also a poor flier it will take a while to be seen in an other part of the globe.
A magnificent species that resembles Aloe brevifolia from Africa.

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