Feb 27, 2009

Dyckia sp from Northestern Santa Catarina

Maybe the correct way for refering to the Dyckias of Northeastern Santa Catarina highlands would be Northeastern Santa Catarina Highland Dyckia Complex (NSCHDC). We can easily find more than 20 absolutely new Dyckia species living not that far away from each other. In most cases they may share the same place and this is absolutely amazing.
We have heard of just three other places similar to this but not as large or as rich. These two other sites are in Minas Gerais and the other one in Rio Grande do Sul.
Some say such places have a massive concentration of natural Dyckia hybrids.
An astronomer would say a new species birth place like a Nova, those huge brilliant mega stars.
The place is a Nova in Botanics, a place where new species are born.
In my point of view: Dyckia´s lover Paradise.

This plants here are very narrow leaved and the leaves present a very fine silver line border.
There is a red form of this species.
Flowers are yellow and very attractive. Seeds are big.

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