Feb 21, 2009


A DRIFT GIFT (Dyckia sp)
This beauty is totally new even to us. Small sized bears nice yellow flowers and produces normal big seeds a strange fact for a Southern guy. This Dyckia sp has all the qualities a Dream dyckia must bear: color, style, structure, spination and size.
Here it is sharing room with Dyckia fosteriana - Cambé and a made by myself beauty Dyckia Mundo (...or the green marnier.).
Why a drift gift? This guy lives on a high vertical granitic clif you need to be, in order to reach up there, a very skilled and very stupid alpinist ´cause huge yellow vaps live up there. This plant was a "gone with the wind" one and was found amid bushes way down the vertical Cliff. It also may be a drift one. some individuals may be picked up by the water and wind of a summer storm.

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