Feb 28, 2009

Kitchen containers are great for Dyckias

Hummm...juicy, tastes wonderfully in those hot summer days.
Remember when there was no container for shipping?
Well, that time lies in memory. Everything travels in containers.
Today the same revolution is happening in our kitchens.
Everything comes in pellets and containers from the supermarket or even before it.
Refrigerators and freezers are built in such a way such containers fit perfectly.
Practical, logical and less time consuming in spite of creating much more trash.
These fruit containers are the same around the globe and are perfect of the Dyckia lover.
Insert some more orificies and that is it. Make these hole by heating some metalic instrument.
You even see what is going on inside. Dyckias love it too.
See the drainage material, here some cracked clay tiles.
Just perfect, see the umidity, the roots and everything else.

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