Feb 22, 2009

If you were to make a brand new Dyckia ...

...would you make it this way?

Native to Northeastern Santa Catarina, this guy is a Carnival with all its extravaganza.
Nameless this native species is a show in color and form.
This one was discovered in Carnival time so what about...
...Dyckia carnaval ?

...could the Almighty have done better?
Yes! Sure...of course my dear!
The best is always yet to come, the most magnificent plant, Dyckia is ever a step ahead.
It may live on a very well hidden spot on a mountain, into a stony valley or...
or inside one of your translucent plastic pot among all those little seedlings.
The best is always yet to come otherwise life would not be worthwhile.
Hope, wisdom, dareness, knowledge, respect, loving all make part of the magic wand.
What life, in all terms and forms, is for if not for bettering?
Spicing all and inviting you to think: nothing, nothing is forever ... no, no and no even diamonds are not forever.
So let us get better...
...and I wish you luck and I dream of your success in this journey.
Constantino in Southeastern Santa Catarina in Brazil-
- madly about Dyckia and life -

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