Feb 18, 2009

Dyckia argentea a nebulous species


Pictures of the Dyckia that doesn´t exist at all, a phantom one.
How come?
Well, well of course my dear it exists for sure.
The thorpe science, the science of the darkness used to hide the exact location of the nativity of certain Dyckia species in nature. They thought or think people from around the globe would come to pick the plant as it was sacred graal.
Well sometimes the science or this science looses the track of the plant along the good sense.
Guys wander the Brazilian outback, search every mountain, valley, herbariuns´drawers and manuscripts and find nothing....so they come int the brilliant conclusion: This is a non existent Dyckia! Take a look at the ghost Dyckia argentea.
..at last this fake science made something to endure ages and ages: hiding.
Well I was ever thought Science is Light so...
What is Light for if not to illuminate?
Let us keep it ON the table!
Let us brightly bright.
Sabin the one brightly minded old and true Scientist had to learn how to speak Portuguese to convince us that the polio vaccine was good. Firstly he was sent out from the country...
Where was The Light?
So take a look at a non existent plant. enjoy the trip. They are seedlings and of course they have much to improve.
It seems we have also some more non existent Dyckias some true ghosts of the veg world. Dyckia coximensis, Dyckia catharinensis... the way the carriage goes we will deal only with phantom Dyckias.

Young seedlings, they still have much to improve and the best lies ahead. This species is a very cloudy one. Some states it even doesn´t exist at all. Apart from the science doubts this guys here promise to be enchanting and charming. It is a most sought after Brazilian species and extremely rare in any collection no matter where. A dream Dyckia, no doubt and a very poor swimmer or a weak flier never seem anywhere out from Brazil.

This young beauty has still a lot ahead. Dyckias are always improving. Their best always lies ahead and until flowering they normally don´t show their true beauty.

The spines may also get bigger and the scales much more numerous than this young will show itself a lot more.
This species is inside a scientific cloud and the cloudiness got to a point of stating the species never existed at all. This doesn´t count for the plant welfare and beauty, does it?

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