Feb 27, 2009

Father Raulino Reitz, a true botanist!

Dyckia reitzi
This is the snow Dyckia.
This guy lives on several points of the South all so high it snows there.
Yes, it snows in Brazil! Occasionally of course but it does!
The temperature in this Dyckia home may drop down to 18 degrees centigrades below zero, way down below freezing.
But if you keep this guy at such temperature for more than just hours it will perish.

Father Raulino Reitz was fond and mad about bromeliads.
He was known as the Gravata Father.

Yes this botanist was a priest too....or this priest was a botanist too?
There are some very attractive other forms of this Dyckia species. there is one already well known red form, a least know silver and a gorgeous striped form.
This one here came from the father collection.
This is the true form of Dyckia reitzi.

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  1. Dyckia reitzi, This species looks taylored, neat and clean. coukd you post the red striped form?