Feb 24, 2009

Dyckia grandidentata

Dyckia grandidentata
This guy breeds true, the seeds germinate promptly. It is a self breeding and a compulsive shooter cloning itself madly.
A single plant makes you to be out of room in a very short period of time.
Besides being a gorgeous plant and wearing big spines they are not humongous as the name may suggests.

Seedlings get used to the conditions ( culturing ones) right away and in most cases when we deal with Cerrado plants it is preferable to begin with a seed than an adult plant. It is far more rewarding and pleasing to see and accompany a growing seedling than an agonizing newcomer.
Those are Dyckia grandidentata seedlings.

Some plants take ages to get a
good looking
silhouette or a presentable image.

Pictures taken in a rainy night.

Dyckia grandidentata

This plant comes from the Cerrado and plants from that region use to take ages to get used to milder Southern weather conditions.
Even so the plant produced seeds that germinated well.

The teeth are not that impressive as the name suggests.
There are many more Dyckia species bearing bigger spines.
The species is a charming and enchanting one, colorful and very attractive.

The plant comes in green too.
The red form seems to be the most common one.

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