Feb 17, 2009

Dyckia delicata
( The spines are soft and rubbery ence the name delicate.)

Dyckia delicata normal and a red form

Dyckia delicata normal form

Dyckia delicata silver form

Dyckia delicata red form

It comes in some striking variations never mentioned in its description nor anywhere else. This one is the beautiful red form of this super charming Southern species. It may comes totally silver and what is supposed to be the normal one form. All of them live peacefully altogether in nature. Flower spike may be branched or single but the flowers are a deception to anyone´s eyes, yellow and very small do not opening fully. The seeds are all very very small. and the plant is not small and we can say medium sized and spectacular. Resembles Dyckia fosteriana from up above in Paraná but it is larger and in my opinion much more beautiful. Dyckia fosteriana has a large region as its home and Dyckia delicata has a very, very limited place They call home. Happily, almost unreachable to normal guys and the vultures nest among them up high on the stone wall.
No one goes up there without life risking except the black feathered guys.

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