Feb 27, 2009

Dyckia alba - Pedra do Segredo - Caçapava do Sul-RS

Dyckia alba
It is a huge plant. Oh, no, no, nothing is white here.
There is a kind of cotton like structure around flowers hence the name alba.
Science when being imaginative does a lousy job..remember, it can not be creative.
Science deals with facts but even so omits some facts when it is convenient.
Dyckia, for instance, means nothing. Some strange guy got the merit for a whole genere of South American plants, and this guy had never stepped a foot here.
The plant had a name long before and a name used in all the countries where the plant occurs, a native Tupy-Guarani name. Gravatá means spiny pineapple like plant.
Yes, GRAVATÁ, it couldn´t be more appropriated.
Science recognizes many mistakes of its own. Science keeps on coming back in conclusions.
That is one science highlights.
What about being fair?
Dyckia sounds torturing strange to us and ....a bit pornographic too!
Dyckia is a ridiculous name to us Latin guys. Meaningless to say the least.
Oh, the guy was a prince...but everybody was at that time. They were everywhere.
But he cared about plants, ... it was a modism at that time, every prince and king imitated Queen Victory. Everybody wanted to know what strange creatures there was in the New World.
And then .... hummmmmm........
What about thinking?
Intead of Dyckia brevifolia GRAVATA BREVIFOLIA?
Superb, no, no... the name the idea of correcting a mistake.

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