Feb 23, 2009

A young Dyckia argentea red form seedling.

Dyckia argentea red form

Almost all Dyckia show a red phase one certain time when it they turn red.
This is induced by stress like a too fiercy and hot sun exposing for too long or a hydric suffering or all these situations combined.
Some Dyckia have a red form( not a phase) that is not always red but just darker. Some red forms are strikingly pigeon blood red while others just are a bit darker than the normal form.
Dyckias caused many discomfort among taxonomists and the most prestigious one take years to describe a new Dyckia species. The new plants must be kept in culture for years before one assuming final and definite conclusions. Their native home place must be visited at different times and seasons. Caution is the rule when dealing with Dyckia.
We know just a little bit about these enigmatic plants.
We just entered their world and there is a lot to be understood.
It is much to easy too take the wrong turn on the Dyckia way.
Here hurry is a most certain way to make many mistakes.

This lady of the rocks has all attributes of a Queen Dream Dyckia.
Imagine this fellow in two or three years ahead from now...

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