Feb 24, 2009

Dyckia encholirioides multispina

The tip of the spines are chestnut like colored.

Dyckia enchoriioides multispina

It is a litoranean Northeastern Santa Catarina species. This variety is smaller than the normal type as it bears shorter leaves. The spines are close together and they are bigger and much more conspicuous than in the normal guy encholirioides.

Dyckia encholirioides has no other form in terms of leaf color. They are green, ever! There is one scientifically named Dyckia encholirioides rubra but the word rubra here refers to the flowers. The flowers in this variety are darker than the yellow of the normal form. Even so one must have a very creative mind to say rubra even to the flowers that never ever get close to red.

Flowers are yellow and in profusion and the seeds are small but not bird seed like as in Dyckia maritima a much Southern species.

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