Jul 25, 2013

Touching  freezing right now here.

According to Accuweather now (01:41AM) in  Joinville downtown and close by

Just 1 degree Centigrade  and going down and cloudy.

We fear snow in Joinville.

Snow related problems  in Santa Catarina  like car accidents due to ice on roads,Collapse of structures in gas stations, gyms and other sheds due to snow accumulation are common place these last threes days.
I am Dyckia bond to Souther from here  in 24 hours.

It s expected the weather to be fair down there but I am deeply concerned.
We are all not used too so much snow nor so deep cold.

It seems not real.
I never would have imagined to be posting  something like this.

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  1. Extreme weather is so frightening for those of us with a plant collection to care for. Good luck, I hope there is no damage to your plants.