Jul 20, 2013


Dyckias are crazy avid breeders!

They are always ready and prune for love as the world would soon end.

Seeds resulting from a private collection will be  hybrids  normally and just exceptionally pure breed.

Up to two years bach from now I useD to send seeds abroad for nothing but a long distance hug.

A gentleman contact me and proposed to turn seeds into seedlings, sell them, discount the costs and share profits. (I should not give seed to anyone else unless through his gentle gentleman hands as happened to Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana  Christmas)

I never, never said not had I stated PURE and never guarantied any pure species seeds unless I stated FCS (Field Collected Seeds) or PBS (Pure Bred Seed).

We here use to say as joke that a pure Dyckia seed in a Dyckia collection is as probable as  a virgin mare in heat amid an army of young healthy stallions.

Well, I never got a dime nor  would I accept one prior any selling that gentleman would do.

One day I found myself that  guy was selling the seedlings on EBay for  long enough for me to find out by myself.
I complained  to him and halted the rich flow of seeds.

From that day on I do not GIVE but sell seeds produced in my garden.

One must feed his golden eggs hen or it ceases laying golden eggs.
That gentleman butchered his golden egg Hen.
..and now no use to regret nor complain ....

Constantino Gastaldi


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