Jul 21, 2013

Now see this weather (Temperatures) forecast for tomorrow here where
I live in Santa Catarina Brazil:

Extremo Oeste ( Far west) Dyckia magnificaDay -5°C Night: -17°C
Meio Oeste (Mid west) Dyckia reitziiDay -7°C Night: -19°C
Litoral Sul (South litoral) Dyckia maritimaDay: -3°C Night: -16°C
Vale do Itajaí (Itajaí Valley) Dyckia brevifoliaDay 0°C Night -3°C

We are all advised by our  Civil Defence to take extreme care with ice on the roads in the mountains.
Do not get exposed to this  chilling cold temperatures.
We are used to cold but not this one
Ours houses are not  made to face such temperatures for more than a very few hours.
I will plastic cover my plants.


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