Jul 30, 2013

Getting in the delicatas spot..

The forest as we get into it. Can you spot the loose rocks?
There is no soil but organic debris. Trees are not that  huge.
This is the entrance and the sun baths this area.
Here we already crossed that creek. the water was sooooo coooold....early frost was all around visible.
I had to remove my boots and my socks I am trembling up to now...

As we go deeper into the bushes we can notice the trees get smaller and the rocks are piled one on top of the other in a very loose and dangerous way. Here we are climbing up the hill.

See the first one we spot. They are  being  vanished as they are  getting more and more shadowed by the forest. shadow kills Dyckias!
The rocks are slate and not granite.


See them here. They are not well shaped due to the meager light they get here.


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