Jul 29, 2013

Finally I am back HOME, sweet Home .....

I am back home  from a field  photographic safari trip South.
I left Joinville-Sc by the dawning  of July 26th bond to Rio Grande do Sul rocky fields.
I just got home July 29th 6:00PM.

This is a sample of what you are about to see, a tidbit from more than 800 field pictures.

Do you know what are these ones here above and below?


Wonderful snow white Dyckia delicata ....
Breathtakingly beautiful ones!

I was there  with
Mauro Peixoto,
Jorge luís Wolf  and Djeines Dalfovo.

I have lots to show and tell and reveal.
I will  take myself a break to rest and and will post  and comment the pictures and the travel to
the rupestris  (rocky) fields.
I am sure you will enjoy, learn from and appreciate this tour.
also some preconceived ideas are about to be broken.


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