Jul 30, 2013

I never managed to climb so high.
I took pictures from this spot I am and already showed it here
(the pigs in the field down there looked as ants).
Yes these are wonderful delicatas. They are not cyanophyllas!
They are much smaller. 
They are not just  smaller they are not the same  as those within the bushes.
They are different.
Those within the bushes already present a mutation and never get smaller no matter where one cultivates them. Those under the forest canopy created a characteristic phenotype and genotype.

 It is not just a temporary hint.
It is alredy well into the genetic code of those plants.
What  a task for a better study, a thesis!

I am inspecting seeds.
Incredibly the seeds are ready now during the hardest cold weather.
Early in the morning we had below freezing temperatures here.


I am 58yo, a month to run and I will be 59yo.
I am over weighted and I have many physical limitations as serious heart ones.
It was an exhaustive job to climb up here, a task I thought I would not be able nor capable of accomplishing.
I had to make plans, trace routes, get people to join me and plan and  every little detail,  well thought any and all moves. I travelled almost 3.000km on the round trip.
I had to be with friends who could support me all the time. Decidedly not an easy task!
Even the weather forecast was taken into consideration. Strategy in high definition!
I though I would die and my heart said all the time, no, no, no.....stop, when I was climbing up the hill amid trees, spiny wines, loose rocks and poisonous insects, snakes...
This is a tremendous effort I made to show you these pictures.
I am sick and tired from those  bad words on me.
Words said repeatedly by a malicious ignorant mind!
People who never even dreamed about this  and behave and act as doctors on delicatas.
That  mean guy from Arkansas knows absolutely nothing on delicatas and his fingers never touched a real one!!! He just wants to sell plants , and does so, from seeds stolen from me.
He wants to get profits from me by fooling the customers.
 These are delicatas!!!
This is me or half of me as the other half was with you!
Thinking of you!

Taking you in high consideration.
Look these many pictures.
They are my mouth,
my words,
my  many I love you,
my most respectfully hug.

Me! ConstantinoGastaldi - 55-3425-8085


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