Jul 31, 2013

Look, how old are those plants?
Well the plants to the left are not plants but plant. a single one!
they are all the very same one plant only  separated long ago divided crowns.
They must be more than 100 years old!
Most of the groups we see are in fact just one plant. They are clones!
Seedlings may present some phenotype differences.
Here you see three populations. They are distinct and distinctive ones!!
The right half of the picture presents two populations.
These three populations are Dyckia hebdingii but....seed made groups are  or maybe be a bit different form one another.
Did you know of this?
Did science tell you this?
Botanic makes one believe Dyckias are all the very same in one population.
No way!
See this!
I always say: we know nothing on Dyckias!!!
We barely just begun to understand them.
If you say I know....you are the biggest fool of all.
We´ve been fooled and led to believe in less than nothing.
Scientists , the describers almost never go to the fields. Most never even have been to Brazil.
Dyckias are fantastic plants! They make you fall from the horse specially if one goes to fast on horseback.
Dyckias are just like a wild horse...one must go easy here.

Nothing like seeing the true, touch it.....

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  1. Yes beyond words! Incredible doesn't even begin....Many thanks for sharing!