Jul 12, 2013

Dyckia macedoi

Dyckia macedoi presents some  notorious and conspicuous differences and
some are outstanding beautiful .

Dyckia macedoi

This is a small Dyckia and can be found in nature in several shades of color from green to chest nut ones and  the charming white  ones. These are all are all  getting acquainted to my climate here. 
Macedoi is "sincere" plant, if it does like the treatment it is under it stops ans seems to say: i won´t die but I will stay so for the eternity....till you understand my needs.....
If a macedoi could talk (they talk to us but we do not understand them) they would say:

  I crave for a well set raining period with plenty of water.
This makes bloom! In my home i get water every night even under a starry sky. As the days are hot at during the nights under the fresher temperatures water condensates on the surface of the rock and I drink and drink.

 I hate being moved, redirected. I have changing places. If you love me you will keep me exactly in a very same position. My leaves are fat and I have not many. I am not a plant as those cousin well down in the South with many many leaves. It takes me a while to build a new fresh one. If you keep on moving me  changing the position from which I idolatrate my Master, The Sun I  stay put and faint till you have listened to my needs."  from the deep of my macedoi heart


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