Jul 17, 2013

Djeines´ Dyckia goehringii....

Let us laugh a bit:
Dejeines (onomatopoeic, echoic for James, the sound for the word James is written that way in Portuguese), is a friend of mine and he loves plants and of course, Dyckia.
Some 10 months back from now I gave him a sprout of my pure white Dyckia goehringii and instructed him not to keep it under rain weather nor  water it from above in order not to remove its white scales.
"May I feed it  some  fertilizer?" he asked me.
I said yes, there is no need but if you insist just  a bit less than half a tea spoon spread on top of the substrate.
Hummmm... He thought:" if less than half a tea spoon does that good imagine what a  full soup spoon can do.."
... and so he did: a whole soup spoon and as he said "a little bit else".
Yes, believe it or not this is a super white Dyckia goehtingii clone ..a super over fed one!

 Ps. Djeines did good, no doubt...

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