Jul 31, 2013

All in a Dyckia hebdingii rocky field...

No word is needed here!
These pictures take my breath away, I wonder yours.
Relish them. They are huge, enlarge them.
I am proud of being capable of doing this.
Believe me it was a long , long, long way to achieve this....

(My English skills are not  the best, my German is almost a disaster, my Italian, my Spanish and my French also 
and soon my Chinese will be as  poor as my German.)


Brasil, meu Brasil brasileiro!!!!
Terra de samba e de pandeiro .

Ah, esse coqueiro que dá coco...é onde amarro a minha rede
é onde a lua vem brilhar.....

Nossos campos tem mais flores,
Nosso céu tem mais estrelas.....


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