Jul 19, 2013

Dyckia hb Liz Taylor

Dyckia hb Liz Taylor

Do not be fooled.
(Do not buy pig on a poke) 
Provide room, plenty of it!

This beauty is a real beast, soft spined one but an imposing big one.
Liz got its size from Dyckia magnifica and this is something to  be prepared to.provide room.
Decidely not  a plant for the windowsill.
These here are young juvenile plants and the oldest on the planet.
Compare to he adult Dyckia fosteriana you can see on the right bottom corner in the picture above.

This plant has being offered in Internet as being legitime true delicata. Be alerted!

I wonder those good people who bought  pig on a poke or Liz Taylor for delicatas and the plant just does not stop growing and their  multi branched flower stalks trying to touch the skies ...and those who need to bring those plants inside for the winter...
Liz Taylor is a most wonderful plant but an imposing  one.

These will grow!
Some Dyckias species native to South in Brazil just show their final looks by the very first time when blooming by the very first time and from there on. Delicatas, magnificas and others are here included. One must be used to them, must have seen their blooming, flowers, followed their growth from seed to the flowers to say what they are accuratly. It is much wiser to say what they are not until there unless you are a skilled connoisseur. I t is not really enough wish they are this or that, theyare what they are mean and must be.
It is not up on us it is in the plant genetics.
I wonder those Magnifica X delicata (Liz Taylor), taken as genuine delicatas growing no stop weirdly offsetting (delicatas never do that).
I am used to delicatas for more than a decade. I visited its habitat several times in diferent occasions and season and I can tell you and assure you I still have much to know about them.
All in all it is all fun for we are eternal learners....
This contributes decidely to the wish of better knowing these intriguing plants.
Learning must be fun and endless...take my hand.


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