Jul 30, 2013

The land lord! The delicata land Lord!

This is the owner of the land where delicata lives.
I talked to him about this plant and explained  he should do his best  in order to preserve it and
also its habitat.
He insisted there was other places with those plants all around. I said nothing or did not showed to believe on him and when we got back from that rock you see at distance here behind him he was waiting us with one plant he  said to  have found  dislodged down another hill close by.
He said he knows several other habitats and we should stay in his house for days in order to see tghem all.
This a a man of honor!
A simple  and poor soul.
Someone I sat by his side and talked most of the time.
I learned most of the time.

Este é o senhor dono das terras da delicata.
Conversamos e ele nos contou existirem mais habitats da planta .
conversamos da necessidade de conservar o local onde elas vivem.
Ele me contou que havia muito mais por ali e eu não demonstrei, ao que vi, muito crédito e então ele nos esperou com uma planta  e disse esta estava embaixo de um perau logo ali, solta no chão.
Um homem de palavra.

A planta retornou para seu lugar na natureza e  eu feliz com as fotos que te mostro aqui.


Here the land owner and his son.

Here his son-in-law.
Below the stove they cook and get the heat they need to survive the freezing cold winter nights.

 Studying a plant is not just looking at it....but all the surroundings and specially 
the human beings close to it.
Plants are wonderful but people, people, people are uncomparable.
I simply adored to have  known this old man here.

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