Jul 20, 2013

Dyckia magnifica final adult looks

As I already showed here  (these very same pictures) years from today and very frequently and often..
Dyckia magnifica gets big .

It does not fit any common windowsill, does it?
Its seedling are really cute looking and a beginner or a malicious opportunistic mind would take this as a chance to  elude.
Even its seedlings are seen offered as genuine delicata.

This is a wonderful and super rare Dyckia but not the  cute delicata.
I made many enthusiastic alerts here but these seedlings are really and .......
Those who crave for a genuine delicata take the chance and this same chance  was taken by
a mean malicious minded  one who offers cat for duck.

OBS:This very same plant in the very same place and pot I just showed five postings prior to this.
that picture shows it in its glamorous young  look.
See there.


When suffering  from dehydration the seedlings below get really colorful and 
call any´s attention.

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