Jul 31, 2013

All in a Dyckia hebdingii field

Cacti share Dyckia habitat with many other plants and rocks are all over the place. 
I think all and every information your eyes get from here is very important as they might help you to better understand Dyckias.

Notice the huge lichen colony.
Lichen is fungi and algae association.
They feed or contribute to Dyckias health as they die and form substrate to Dyckias.


This tree is amid rocks and it belongs to the same family  pine trees  belong to.
This is a podocarpus. It is native and it is  a sort of pine tree.


A natural bonsai...
Enjoy the landscape and notice the mature Dyckia seed pods.


Bushes and trees.
Notice the retorted branches and the coarse bark. This denotes a xeric environment.


One picture holds a thousand plus information....



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